CAN4VSCP Power Injector Frankfurt USB Zeus expansion Moscow

Debugging Accra and other cool things


The Accra counter module is up and running now and we are doing the last debugging of it.  Available in the FrogShop next week I hope. It is just lovely I can tell you AND useful.

Also got boards for Moscow, the Power Injector and  Frankfurt USB today.

Moscow is a wifi board that connect CAN4VSCP to wifi, typically connects to a VSCP daemon or something like that.

The Power Injector is a board that can be used to connect CAN4VSCP boards together without the RJ-45 cabling by using the expansion (daisy chain) connector of the modules. Will be available in the FrogShop next week.

The  Frankfurt USB is the Frankfurt RS-232 with built in USB. That is it is powered from the host. It will be available in two versions. One for DIN mount and one in a boxed version. The boxed version will be the first that will be available. This “thingi” has big buffers in addition to all the features of the Frankfurt RS-232.

Below some live data from the vscp-ux components.


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