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Ethernet boards and CAN4VSCP power

Two Ethernet boards designed.  That is Ethernet <-> CAN4VSCP. Powered from the CAN4VSCP bus as all other CAN4VSCP modules. Maybe there will be a version with generic Ethernet <-> CAN  as well in the future.

The board are designed in two versions. A Microchip PIC and an ARM version.  We will probably go for just one of them in the end.  This is the first step in a switch to ARM in our product line.

The Ethernet board will be able to plug and playish connect to the VSCP daemon but could also work alone on a segment and as a port out in the world for remote controlled equipment.

Need to sell some more of the other stuff before they can go into production though.  Earn money before spending them is the mantra here. So shop as crazy from the FrogShop. 😉

The other two modules are power injectors for CAN4VSCP. Two version. A big a and a small.  The samll version just powers a RJ-45 while the big have 16 daisy chain connectors.


Frankfurt Eth ARM version



Frankfurt Eth PIC version



Mini CAN4VSCP power injector



Big CAN4VSCP power injector

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