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GPRS modules on the way

One thing that is important in our world is that we communicate with small things. You can call it IoT/M2M or what you want but we just call it “working”. And this is also true when we ship gprs modules for SMS control of remote units.

Goods before package


DIN clips in from China

A few hundred DIN clips entered from China.  They will be used for our VSCP based Ethernet, Wifi board but can also be used for most standard size solid state relays.

You find it here in the shop.

mini1 mini2

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CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards



CAN4VSCP-RS-232 PCB cards for the first batch of our third device was received for the factory in China today.  This card can be used in two modes. Either it can work as a simple and low-cost interface between a computer or similar and the CAN4VSCP bus or alternatively  it can work  as a standard node on a CAN4VSCP bus that streams RS-232 data which either is predefined or dynamic content.

We expect the module to be available in the FrogShop in about two weeks.

The Paris and the Kelvin modules is already available for delivery and will be followed by the Beijing A0, Accra A0, and the Vilnius A0 modules this spring.