State of VSCP

A short update from the VSCP makers. Yes me. The one and only. At least when it comes to development efforts on VSCP.

The work on the new VSCP Works version continues. It is a lot of dialogboxes and other stuff to do before the fun stuff can be implemented. But the work is moving in the right direction. The first session handling (event logger) for tcp/ip, canal and mqtt should soon be in place. The others, socketcan, udp, multicast, rest, ws1,ws2, rawcan, rawmqtt will take a bit more time to finish. The nice thing with this is that the transports all get a pluggable common API. Very easy to switch transport in other words and the possibility to build other functionality like reading/writing registers etc on top of this API. This code must be low level and is only dependent on C++ 11 and openssl.

But hopefully I can get some alpha code for VSCP works out soon now so testing can take place by the brave. It’s really the packaging that prevent me from doing this today. This work takes so much time.

Last Friday I decided to decided to give the Windows port of VSCP Works a try. It is now a long time since I been doing any development on Windows, but having been there for way over 10000h I thought this should be an easy task. I was wrong. Gave up. To some extent this giving up is due to me not having a Windows machine for development. I do this work through a remote desktop interface. Not optimal. But I will come back to this later again. There will be a windows port. Last Friday was not just the day to dig deep enough to make it real.

For the VSCP daemon it just sits and wait for release. I need to make some decisions on some low level issues and have some drivers to fix before it can go out through my old red door.

LoRaWan with its small packet size and speed is a perfect for VSCP (of course). I need some hardware to do some coding/demo with it. So if someone have a board or two (and a gateway) they have no need for… 😉

But writing “state of VSCP” does not help much in getting things ready for release. This have to be bye, bye for now, I have some coding to do.

As always I want to thank the sponsors of VSCP. Your support is of great, GREAT, help in this effort.

Take care everyone!

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